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Andrew Alba • January 11, 2011

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As the New Year begins, many a person creates a New Years Resolution that he or she sincerely intends to follow through on. Unfortunately for many these resolutions will never become a realization.

This year my wife and I have both resolved to return to our healthy dietary and exercise plan of 2009 in hopes to lose weight and feel great. We both use the Weight Watchers® plan. This plan was easy to use and there were a lot of tools we could use to track our meals.

Of great use to us was a body planner that my wife purchased for both of us. The planner allowed us to log meals, activities and exercise. Using this in conjunction with the Weight Watchers® tools (calculators and slide charts), we were able to log our meals and activities with an easy way of monitoring if we were ‘taking in’ more then we were ‘working off’.

November of 2011 Weight Watchers changed their calculations and if we want to both follow the new plan we need to purchase new tools. Me being the curmudgeony ole miser that I am, I didn’t really feel it was necessary to purchase all new tools for both of us, so I decided to let my wife spend the money and I would do something even better. Create a new WordPress plug-in.

So here it is folks. WordPress Plus Points. This plug-in will allow you to log your meals and let you know how many Plus Points you use in relationship to your targeted daily plus points.

In order for this plan to be successful, you still need to go to your Weight Watchers® meetings and use your Weight Watchers® tools. This is just something to assist you in logging your food in a WordPress medium that you might be more familiar with.

You can download the WordPress Plus Points plug-in from the WordPress repository by searching for WordPress Plus Points.


Plus Points Setup

Plus Points short-code use