Getting Xdebug working within Intellij 2016

Using IntelliJ for PHP development is great and although it is slightly different then PhpStorm, it can still be configured to deliver everything PhpStorm does. Having been doing a lot of development with Vagrant, there have been a few occasions where Xdebug just doesn’t seem to work. It turns out that it is fairly simple […] Read More

Join arrays in coldfusion

Use Java to Join Arrays In ColdFusion

Occasionally I forget that joining to arrays is not the same as appending and array to an array which leads to some real funky results. Of course ColdFusion does not have a real cute method to join to arrays, but never fear, Java does! I will use the following as an example. I am trying […] Read More

html5 logo

Still learning HTML 5

Front end work just got a bit more fun today!