Dingobytes! Back in 1997 or so, surfing the web was cool and creating your own website on tripod and geocities was all the rage. Flashing or blinking text, spinning icons, backgrounds that made you dizzy, flaming logos, all were the rage. Honing our skills in the late 90’s, it was soon obvious that the limitations of the free hosts were just too much for a budding web producer.

A server and domain name is what was needed and soon hosting was affordable enough that a host was purchased and an idea was born. What if I could do this for a living? Do you know how many people could use a small web site for their business? That could be a great niche. But wait, a name is needed for this venture. DINGOBYTES!

So the venture started and the skills improved, but dingobytes did not grow. After a few years of trying to start an advertising and marketing business, it was soon discovered that every business had a nephew who “designed” web sites. Of course they were ugly with their flashing text, spinning logos, beveled buttons flaming logos and broken links. It was only a matter of time before dingobytes was dissolved and a more organized venture was started. The hosting changed and after some time the domain name was lost to some squatter in Kenya, Africa.

Alas, while reminiscing about the good ole days, dingobytes was available again! It was decided then that this domain would be purchased and used to help others learn from the mistakes of the first incarnation of dingobytes.com!