March 30, 2013

Still learning HTML 5

So as I continue to work on learning more about HTML5 and CSS3, I have come across a few new items. It seems that there have been some new input values added to the type attribute. I did some digging...


April 5, 2012

Closure-Compiler and Ant to compress JavaScript

Having used Eclipse and now IntelliJ for some time, I have often found it handy to build applications with Ant. It has been some time since I have taken a look at the process I was using and I really...


September 30, 2011

Avoid SQL Divide by zero errors

I have been writing queries of one type or another for several years and for the last year and a half I have been trying to learn MSSQL. Although most of the syntax is like every other SQL language,...


January 23, 2011

Bad Privacy Policy

The following is a rant and has no purpose other then to let me vent. The issue of privacy has come up often lately in the media. Privacy advocates have concerns about the amount of personal...