Image Rotator

Coldfusion Image Rotator

I was tasked a few months ago to rotate an image on a site randomly. Ordinarily this would not be an issue but the image was a css background image and I really didn’t have the ambition to rewrite the css and page html to do this. Thankfully my laziness paid off, because I found a solution while looking through some php code for wordpress.

Form Validation II

Continuing on from the first part of the tutorial, we are going to continue through the list of form elements in the order we setup. Next we work on the email address. Notice how we handle the email value checking first to see if it is empty to trigger an error and then using the […] Read More

javascript code

Client Side Form Validation

The more we learn the more fun we have. Take for example the simple process of validating a form. We can save the user a lot of time validating the form on the client side and still do it without those annoying alerts that pop up with a loud DING! It is rather easy with […] Read More