Subversion install for Eclipse Helios 3.6

So I recently upgraded from Galileo to Helios and although I tried to use the upgrade instructions online, I had to many dependency issues and had to do a fresh install. I decided to start from scratch and removed the eclipse folder, deleted all cached and preference data and wiped out the workspace/.metadata. I downloaded […] Read More

Five Star Rating WordPress Plugin

[info]Two quick videos showing how to install, activate, configure and use this plugin are at the bottom.[/info] [warning]Please check out the FAQ before you ask for support.[/warning] Thanks to some helpful critics and tips from users, we have taken our very first plugin and retooled it to be more flexible and easier to implement into […] Read More

Disable submit with multiple forms present

A few minutes later I find myself scrambling through Google searches and trying different bits of code, none of which was working for me. The task was only suppose to last a few minutes and now I find myself having spent a few hours trying to figure this out. Time for a lunch break.

Replacing text in multiple files

Unfortunately during testing I have had some typo’s and the generated report stored in the directory structure did not display as intended. The changes needed really didn’t warrant processing the script again and adding more useless entries into the database, so I decided to change the script and then update the html in the report.