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As the New Year begins, many a person creates a New Years Resolution that he or she sincerely intends to follow through on. Unfortunately for many these resolutions will never become a realization. This year my wife and I have both resolved to return to our healthy dietary and exercise plan of 2009 in hopes […] Read More

Five Star Rating WordPress Plugin

[info]Two quick videos showing how to install, activate, configure and use this plugin are at the bottom.[/info] [warning]Please check out the FAQ before you ask for support.[/warning] Thanks to some helpful critics and tips from users, we have taken our very first plugin and retooled it to be more flexible and easier to implement into […] Read More

Contestant Rating WordPress Plugin

This is our first wordpress plugin and although we did not write this from scratch (we ported over a previous plugin that only worked in FireFox), we did improve upon a previous product and made it our own.